after these two weeks are up (and before summer session starts because lolol of COURSE i’m taking classes this summer cause i want to graduate asap and that means as much schooling as i can but i don’t have to go into charleston everyday so it’s okay) imma write klonnie and kennett and klarcel. maybe an originals family fic. maybe some gwen (cause i’ve been having the weirdest craving for all the gwen fic, so much so that i’ve been reading arwen besides alia’s masterpieces). maybe something with tara before true blood fucks everything up and i’m totally done with that bullshit show.

or maybe i’ll just work on some original pieces because it’s been forever since i’ve done some creative writing for myself and i really want to write something non fanfic derived.

i dunno. just putting it out there so yall can hold me to it.

Not having Shirley present for Jeff’s big emotional moment was a little strange, since she’s, y’know, one of the original group members, much more so than the Dean.

So I don’t always agree with Todd VanDerWerff but he’s right and I think this was a reason I didn’t enjoy this ep and found it so meh. It was pathetically little Shirley for a season finale. and i’m not saying you have to have 15 out of 22 minutes of Shirley every episode but for that particular moment she should have been there.

Don’t kill yourself, please.


If you’re suffering from depression and are looking for a sign to not go through with ending your life, this is it. This is the sign. We care.

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When it comes to cooking, not everyone is at the same skill level

my kingdom to whoever redo that kol and matt scene and make it bonnie/kol and i just need bonnie fic so i can get through these last two weeks of the semester





This Sunday at every black church in the US of A.


no chill


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Just saw Durango and I’m convinced Samuel L. Jackson is REALLY that way.






Like…. I believe his IS a modern day Uncle Ruckus.

you saw what now?


Durango Unchained, a man’s struggle to traverse the wilderness with bald tires




Jasmine Tookes featured in “A fashionable woman wears clothes. The clothes don’t wear her” photographed by Walter Chin for  Glass Magazine’s Spring 2014 issue. Makeup by Sarah Appleby using Chanel Beauty. Hair by Herve for Davines. Fashion Editor: Sarah Cobb

somebody tell steve harvey to shut the entire fuck up forever and ever amen



what did he do now?

After Mimi Faust’s sex tape Steve Harvey tells women to prptect their precious jewel cause thats whateever man is after

Behold the levels of fuckery




  Windy winter day | Jane Bjerkli

#this cat has seen things#this cat has been left for dead on a barren landscape#betrayed by all its friends; body battered and broken; all hope lost#this cat has risen from the ashes#this cat is striding in slow motion into the stronghold of the villain who took everything from it#this cat is going to take its vengeance#this cat has seen some serious shit#this cat is gonna inflict some even more serious shit#and then it’s gonna walk away from some explosions without looking#and stare out from a stormy cliff face and warn the world#that should evil ever again attempt to triumph#it will be there#waiting (via okayophelia)

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